Joe is thrilled to be working as Music Producer for Encore Choirs, working alongside one of his closest friends, Josh. Joe has been a music enthusiast from an early age, playing primarily drums and bass guitar, as well as dabbling in other instruments. Joe studied music during secondary school, where he met Josh. Since leaving this school, Joe has played a part in numerous shows with a variety of orchestras, concert bands and big bands. He also joined Josh in being a part of two award-winning musicals at The University of Winchester. More recently, Joe has been more involved with smaller groups playing in venues across the UK, for many parties and weddings. He has found a passion for recording music which is more accessible today than ever before, and has acquired quite a range of recording gear over the last few years as well as the privilege of using his local church as a recording space – which will be used for the tracks heard at Encore Choirs. He has recorded numerous projects of various styles and loves to facilitate other people’s creativity. These have included a couple of short albums for his own bands and other people’s music. If you are interested in exploring the kind of music Joe likes, go on YouTube and look up “The Optimist” or “Clouds” both by Cory Wong.