Encore Choirs Principal and Choir Director, Josh Robinson.

Singing Teacher and Voice Specialist Josh Robinson offers personal, tailored vocal tuition for anyone who loves to sing! 

As well as running and leading Encore Choirs, Josh Robinson is an enthusiastic voice teacher, vocal coach and musical director. His passion for voice began when singing in his secondary school choir, wanting to know why and how we make the sounds that we do.  Josh studied a Voice Studies & Performing Arts programme at The University of Winchester. This training explored the practises of voice from different models and methods from around the world. Josh has therefore studied with well-acclaimed specialist-voice teachers and taken from this a wide range of tools that fit best purpose for individual needs of the student, group or teacher. Josh has done an exceptional amount of extra-training and continuing professional development, including a three month mentoring programme with Anne Leatherland at ‘Vocal Intuition’, understanding the importance of his own development. As many as many credentials to Josh’s name, he was also one of the first singing teachers in the world to have achieved a certificate as a vocal health first aider through the Vocal Health Education programme. This gives Josh the knowledge to identify symptoms of voice problems and give an initial assessment, and to advise as appropriate or to refer to a specialist where necessary.  


Encore Choirs in association with freethevoice

Josh offers voice & singing lessons to all ages through Encore Choir’s associated partner, freethevoice. Whether you are a first time singer, preparing for exams or auditions, a working professional or wanting vocal health advice, please book in to get the very best out of your voice .

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