Due to the current global pandemic we have temporarily paused our 'in-person' choir sessions, but are offering weekly online choir sessions for half the price! Signup form below



Although singing online is a different experience to singing as a choir in person, it is still great fun and an effective way to bring people together and to sing from the comfort of your own home. It is a great way of learning material on your own, so that when the time comes, we can put it all together in person and have created something truly special!
The first thing to know about the online session is that no-one can be heard (this is due to the time lag that would occur)! Although this seems a little strange at first, as we are all used to hearing one another in a physical choir setting, the online way of learning still boosts benefits. Singing on your own is a great way to get to know your own voice: explore and create sounds, extending range and build on  a healthy vocal foundation that promotes effective voice use. 
Each of our sessions allows members 15 minutes before to “arrive” unmuted and say hello before the rehearsals begins. Once the rehearsal has ended then the platform is left open for as long as people want to catch up and chat.
Once the sessions begins, we will start by warming up both the body and voice: This is a great way to prevent injury and sets us up vocally for the songs we will be singing during that particular session, it also allows us to build on our vocal abilities. All our songs are then taught by ear, taking time to teach each vocal part their melody. The choir director can choose to either sing these parts or to play them by sharing audio. Once individual parts have been learnt, a track with all vocal parts will be shared through the choir directors audio and all will be able to sing along to the track from home – giving us the Amazing sensation of singing together as a choir!  
 If you have had a free trial with us and want to continue, you will be granted special access to our members section which provides all our rehearsal tracks, lyrics and updates. You will also be given access to our community pages that allows us all to stay connected during this time. 
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